Blessed be the relaxation powers of a CBD bath bomb

Like much of the world, the Netherlands is going through a second lockdown. Admittedly, our shutdown hasn’t been intense as many others across the globe, but it still is uniquely stressful to be confined.

Then we have the mental impact of the past few months piling up — and it’s easy for everything to feel a bit much.

Which is why I’m stoked about discovering the joy of CBD bath bombs.

But let’s backtrack a little.

If you don’t know what CBD is (which is odd, because it’s been a health craze for years now), it’s the non-psychoactive element of marijuana. It’s an abbreviation of cannabidiol and the idea behind it is to get the positive benefits of weed, without getting stoned.

I’ve been on the fence about CBD for a little while. Whenever I used it, I definitely felt something, but I wasn’t sure about all these supposed health benefits. But I’m now a convert to the CBD bath bomb.

And let me tell you why. For the past few weeks, I’ve been exercising a lot and not sleeping particularly well. I’ve built up a series of aches and have been feeling progressively more frayed. So, I did the only logical thing: ran a bath, threw in a CBD bath bomb, and read a book.