Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic’s New Force FX Lightsaber Is Extremely Detailed

While most of the Star Wars Expanded Universe isn’t canon anymore after Disney bought out Lucasfilm, there are plenty of characters and stories Star Wars fans love celebrating. And hey, they could all be reintroduced into current canon at some point, right? One of the most beloved Star Wars games of all time is none other than Knights of the Old Republic, and the game’s character–Darth Revan–is having their lightsaber made into a new collectible.

The Star Wars: The Black Series Darth Revan Force FX Elite Lightsaber is about as close as you’ll come to getting a hold of the Fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord’s lightsaber. Hasbro sent a Force FX lightsaber for us to check out.

If your first worry is what color the blade will be on this lightsaber, don’t fret. You can change it between purple and red really quickly. Check out some of the photos of the upcoming lightsaber below.

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The LED-filled tube changes between the two colors when you press both of the buttons on the hilt. Individually, one button turns the lightsaber on/off and the other makes a deflection sound when pressed or a wall-cutting effect when it’s held down.

Along with the lightsaber, you get a stand and a removable kyber crystal, if you just want to display the hilt and not the entire plastic tube on top–as the blade is removable. The lightsaber takes three AA batteries, which are not included.

The Black Series lightsaber is pricier compared to your average toy–as this is more for the collector market. It’s made of metal, not plastic, and is a bit weightier than Hasbro’s other lightsabers, which are geared more towards play. The Darth Revan lightsaber retails for $225, but right now, it’s available on Amazon for $250.

The only real drawback for the latest Force FX lightsaber is that it is a little tough to hold. The the decorative embellishments on the hilt are curved, and when it swoops out, it digs into your palm a bit. But this is more a lightsaber that hangs out on your desk rather than one you chase door-to-door salesman with. I recommend the Kylo Ren one for that–it’s weightier.

The Star Wars Black Series Darth Revan Force FX Lightsaber is available now.

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