4 Things Microsoft Buying Bethesda Means for Gamers

monkey60251m ago

Availability could be an issue i guess.

I’ve bought everything Bethesda published this gen with the exception of Doom Eternal. I did plan to buy that soon however.

I wont lie, this news has sickened me. I was raging when MS bought Ninja Theory but I understood it. They were struggling and the buyout kept the doors open.

Bethesda however needed no financial help. Now a number of my favourite games might not be obtainable on my platform of choice. After years of fan support on my end.

When you look at Sonys studios they bought them after years of support and collaboration on projects that wouldnt be around had they not made the deal.

Microsoft just pulls out the cheque book and makes a financial flex. Potentially keeping existing IPs from another platform in the future. Its a dick move if they do it

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