You Should Never Buy A New Console At Launch

RevXM5m ago

Agreed. Im excited about the Ps5 and Im getting it preordered if I can.
Its possible that launch units will have some issue or like weakness, but as far as failure rates go I doubdt its going to ever be as bad as the 360 was. that was wild back then most people I knew had replaced theirs like twice, and I read about a guy in an article who was on his 12th 360 or something at one point.

And my 60GB Ps3 ofc Yloded like 3 years after launch and they sent it back to me but they never got it fixed, it worked for like 2 hours. didnt pay a dime for the return and service and they payed me back in full after failing to repair it 3 times and I bought a Ps3 slim and a 360 elite with Gears of war 1&2 lmao.

So… In my book. The worst thing that can happen is:
You either have to play something else for a hot minute while its being shipped around and repaired.

or it dies like a week after warranties and all runs out, but at that point a new console is certainly cheaper than it was at launch, its likely there will be a revised and improved model or perhaps a pro model.
Ps3 got a real downgrade for sure with the slim, but any drastic downgrades usually doesnt happen at least until the platform is litterally being faded out like with PS3 superslim and wii mini.
So yeah I lost Ps2 bc and a couple things, but couldnt be too mad at that point. got all the money back and could afford to get both the current systems lol. Zero regrets.

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