Silent Hill Series Finally Gets An Official Twitter Account From Konami

Knightofelemia7h ago

A new game done by the original SH team would be great. An improved HD remaster would be great and fix the mistakes SH HD made. Hell I would take a remake of 2, or 3 SH is a great franchise I got into it late when I scored a $10 Xbox and the SH2 disc was inside of it and I like the game. I like SH3 even though I own it for PS3 the PS2 port is expensive minus a few errors in the game I actually enjoyed it. SH 4 was all right Shattered Memories was a turd Homecoming I like Downpour is another turd just need to play Origins and the first SH game. Would be great if Konami went back to making video games while also still running their pachinko machines.

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