It’s Time for a Pokémon MMO

Charlie writes “For the past few days I’ve been playing the latest iteration of the Pokémon franchise in the mainline series, Pokémon Sword. I skipped it at launch hoping that maybe after almost a year, it would be much more enjoyable. I think I expected a bit too much though, since a lot of the complaints I have are the exact same ones people mentioned back at launch; it’s your standard formula and it’s an okay game, but it doesn’t feel like the true next-gen Pokémon game we, or at the very least, I was expecting. It’s come to that point now that the franchise is in serious need for an upgrade or reboot. You could also argue that The Pokémon Company wouldn’t spend so much on such a high quality Pokémon game because “they love money too much” and it’s too easy to sell the same game over and over with a new skin. However if they’re willing to put some serious work in, they could actually find themselves making a lot of money from one game for decades.”

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