Ooblets is a no-stress, all-fun cutesy creature vacation (TheSixthAxis)

TSA writes: “I love the feeling of losing an afternoon or even an entire day to the simple bliss of a farming or life-simulation game. Games that trade the end-of-the-world and ghost-infested dungeons for house customising and crop cultivating offer the kind of zen, centring game experience that everyone could use now and then. Even these delightfully simple games, though, often keep your pulse racing just a bit with deadlines and micro-management. Whether you’re racing to get all of your activities done before sundown in Stardew Valley or panicking to buy turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons before the clock strikes 12, there’s always some kind of aggressive time-crunch at the back of your mind in these otherwise tranquil games. Ooblets, however, has none of that.”

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