Here’s How Much The World’s Biggest SSD Will Cost You

Nimbus, the World Record holder for the biggest SSD, has revealed consumer pricing for their 100TB model. As Techradar reports, this figure was previously only available on demand, but now anyone can buy it…if they have the money.

The 100TB Nimbus Exadrive will cost you $40,000. That’s $400 per TB, so you’re paying a premium for this model. For comparison, the 50TB is $12,500, which is $250 per TB. In any case, it’s a whole lot of money.

The next closest competitor for “biggest SSD” is a 60TB Seagate model. When this launched in 2017, it had an estimated cost of $40,000, according to Exxxact. However, that was not a SATA drive, as this one is.

These are 3.5 inch models, and are designed with industry and military in mind rather than the average consumer. They come with a five-year warranty.

This isn’t the sort of SSD you’ll want in your gaming PC anytime soon, unless Call of Duty’s file sizes keep ballooning.

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