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PhantomTommy2h ago

A lot of games are overlong these days and you can see why from the comments.. People have this perception that a longer game has more value, but I don’t really remember the last time I played an epic single player story that justified its length. You could cut several hours from Red Dead 2 or The Last of Us 2 and have a tighter story overall. Then you have something like MGSV which took around 5 hours worth of unique content and copy-pasted it across 50 hours.

I played Red Dead 2 once, played MGSV once. I don’t hate those games, but the mere thought of loading them up for a second playthrough makes me grimace and go play Resident Evil 4 for the hundredth time instead. Is that what games are now? Just one-and-done experiences? Or maybe I’m wrong and everybody jumped right back into new game plus after beating The Last of Us 2. Doubt it somehow.

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